Providing quality furniture, artwork, and accessories for senior living environments, assisted living, and dementia care. The Heritage Signature Collection is furniture created for those who need ease of access and comfort without compromising quality and finish.


Furniture made by Senior Furnishings is unique for many reasons. Senior living furniture is different than standard furniture, in that dimensions are altered to make the furniture more functional to be able to sit in and to stand from. Seats are shallower in depth, with a standardized seat height. Sofas are not too soft, not too deep in depth, seatbacks are not too steep of an angle, and sofa or chair arm are narrow to make gripping with the hand easier. Fabric is often treated to be stain resistant, easily cleanable, and have high wear resistance for healthcare and hospital applications. These dimensions make it easier for seniors with mobility issues who are at home or in Assisted Living.


Quality is the second most important aspect of Senior Furnishing’s furniture. Our senior living furnishings are manufactured with highest standards, including using responsible environmental practices. Our senior living furniture pieces appear no different than standard residential furniture, yet they are manufactured to commercial standards and finishes, as the furniture is compliant for use in a senior living facility, continuing care retirement community (CCRC) , life planned community (LPC), assisted living facility (AL), memory support unit (MSU) in Alzheimer’s care, or even a skilled nursing unit. Furthermore, all our furniture we manufacture has the option of being covered in Crypton™ fabric, which is considered the industry leader and near bullet proof when you need stain and anti-microbial resistant covering.


Most importantly, all of our senior living furniture we manufacture looks like it belongs in your home and not a assisted living facility or hospital. Our goal is to make furniture which you would want in your home no matter what your age.


Our endless fabric choices allow you to select a covering which matches your current décor, or work with new décor ideas. Our senior living furniture is manufactured from hardwood, commercially finished, and constructed to handle the rigors of a senior living environment. In addition Crypton™ fabric is cleanable with longevity testing of over 50k rubs, with no difference in appearance, feeling, or comfort from normal fabrics. This is beneficial for an assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory support facilities where longevity of wear is important.


Finally at Senior Furnishings, we offer additional products for your choosing to compliment your furniture in your home or senior living facility. Our artwork, accessories, botanicals, and other items are all quality products to help make your space more comfortable and appealing. Whether you are selecting a single piece or furnishing a complete senior living community, we have the capability to provide all of your furniture, fixture, and equipment needs (FF&E) for interior furnishings in senior living environments, or in the home for aging in place.